The Double Digits: 1/11 Replay

In this workshop, Evette will show you how to successfully open up your intuition and to ACCURATELY read your body and its messages like an expert! Register for the "Intuitive Body Workshop" for $97 here:

Meet Your Hosts: Marilyn & Joeaux 

Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey bring 45 years of combined self-discovery, spiritual seeking, and purpose-filled living. They share the messages of Adironnda (a loving energy from the 17th Dimension).

The two are passionate about assisting people to connect with Spirit, to listen to their own Spiritual Guidance, and tap into their purpose and destiny on the planet.

Meet Our Guest: Evette Rose

Our guest, Evette Rose, is an excellent teacher, healer, facilitator of intuitive workshops, and a channel for the Spirit Council, Guides, and Tibetans.

She has written 19 books, and you may recognize her as the author of Metaphysical Anatomy 1 & 2. Influential healing books that take Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life to a whole new level.

What makes Evette unique is that she draws from her life experiences and studies, transcending a challenging past. She is passionate about helping people to understand the messages of their bodies. Her understanding of the body, how it stores trauma memories, and how it communicates with us.

Having worked with 6000+ people one-on-one and facilitated personal development seminars in over 43 countries, she has touched the lives of thousands worldwide.