The Double Digits: 2/2 Replay

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Meet Your Hosts: Marilyn & Joeaux 

Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey bring 45 years of combined self-discovery, spiritual seeking, and purpose-filled living. They share the messages of Adironnda (a loving energy from the 17th Dimension).

The two are passionate about assisting people to connect with Spirit, to listen to their own Spiritual Guidance, and tap into their purpose and destiny on the planet.

Meet Our Guest: Rev. Sue Frederick

Our guest, Rev. Sue Frederick became a Sacred Numerology practitioner after suffering a tragic loss in 1981. She brings a deeply enlightened perspective to using numbers as navigational tools to decipher the soul’s journey and connect to departed loved ones.

Rev. Sue is clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairaudient; she receives wisdom from guides and departed loved ones to help others heal grief and find their purpose. With her powerful intuition, Rev. Sue uses Sacred Numerology and mystical information to facilitate access into a divine lens to heal lives.

Rev. Sue draws upon decades of spiritual study and powerful inner wisdom to help clients fulfill their souls’ mission. As an ordained Unity Minister, lifelong intuitive, past-life and between-lives soul regression therapist, master numerologist, intuitive coach, and spiritual guide, Rev. Sue has helped thousands of people realign with their soul’s purpose and connect to departed loved ones in therapeutic conversations.