Eastern Time Zone

(518) 899-9482

Specialties: Distance Healing, Individual Spiritual Coaching, Relationship Coaching

Anya is a multidimensional medicine carrier and spiritual coach. Deeply sensitive since childhood, a calling into the mystery as a spiritual explorer and healer catapulted her onto this path over 15-years ago. Formerly a DC attorney, she has a unique ability to bridge the practical and the esoteric. Her willingness and dedication to greater truths has lead her upon multiple odysseys that have fostered her ability to facilitate trans-dimensional healing through various modalities.

She channels a council of Galactics, a number of mystical beings, and light language. Her ability to perceive multiple dimensionality and potentiality assists her clients to find and follow their soul paths, heal physically and emotionally, as well as experience the joy that is their birthright. Being of service in this way is Anya's greatest passion.