Carmen Arellano

Peru Time Zone

Specialties: EMF Balancing Technique, Tarot Readings, Akashic Records

My name is Carmen Arellano, I am Peruvian born and studied History and Anthropology. I got my PhD and lived for 25 years in Germany and for six years in the United States. Here I got the message from Spirit to go back to Peru, which I did in 2006.

As an anthropologist I worked with shamans from various Latin American cultures, such as Mapuche (Chile), Huichol (Mexico), Quechua (Peru) and Maya (Guatemala) for several years. In 2010, during an Akashic record reading, my spiritual guides came through and told me that I was a shaman in many life times. Later I was told that my life mission was to heal people.

This started my awakening process and interest in spiritual trainings, beginning with meditation. I am a certified tarot readier, trained in akashic records reading, and EMF Balancing Technique, level 1 (The Universal Calibration Lattice of Peggy P. Dubro). As part of my life’s mission I am devoted to holographic healing, as part of the awakening of my innate healing abilities.