Cathy Wimsatt

Eastern Time Zone

(270) 570-5709

Specialties: channeling, energy healing, spiritual guide and teacher

"My Spiritual awakening began after an out of body experience following the death of my parents. I asked God to show me that I was loved unconditionally. Immediately after expressing those words I experienced an amazing connection with light and love that was a life changing event. At the time I was a practicing registered nurse and Childbirth educator and content in my career however I had this constant inspiration to know more and felt that I was not fulfilling who I truly was.

I asked God to help me to discover the answer. This led me to Spiritual Workshops with Marilyn, Joeux and my present business partner and best friend Kristin King. I retired from Nursing after 35 years and I am now embracing my gifts as professional Channel. I channel many benevolent energies such as Ascended Masters, Angels, and Spiritual Collectives.

I often Channel the Elementals, a group of loving higher dimensional beings that work with the Angelic Realm to help all living things on Gaia including Humanity. My goal is to help others discover their own inner connection and guidance of love messages from their soul and spirit.