Cheryl Viczko

Pacific Time Zone

(403) 352-6717

Specialties: Your Soul's Messages,  Private Channeling Sessions, Selenite Sword Mastery

Imagine, it’s summer; you (age 10) and a couple siblings go swimming in the river. You jump off the sand bar and go down, down, down. Clearly you hear a voice, “move your arms, we’re here”, you follow directions. You break the surface of the water, gasping for air, your ¼ of a mile downstream and no one noticed you gone. Left unexplained and feeling alone, I shut down the messages and the visions in the 1980’s. Starting in March 2019, under Marilyn’s guidance, my gifts were reawakened. 

What others are saying… ‘Cheryl’s heart is wide open and her intention to shed light on any challenge is clear. She is an absolute natural at tuning into what will move your life forward!’ ~ Terah Kathryn Collins (founder of the Western School of Feng Shui)

Guiding client’s to feel more grounded, connected and aligned through ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ is a privilege.