Kathy Stubbs

Alaska Daylight Time Zone

(907) 310-4765

Specialties: Channeling, Healing, Akashic records

In January 2020, Kathy Stubbs enrolled in the Marilyn Harper’s Channelers Academy and has since communicated more 200 channels. She has become a clear Channeler, “a divine link” to beings of light. Kathy’s messages have come from the Council of Light, Masters, Archangels, Divine Feminine, other divine beings of light, elementals, and the Akashic Records. The messages come through when she is providing energetic distance services, as well, such as Holographic Healing, Healing Touch, Selenite Swords of Light and other modalities.

Kathy has been in the massage/energetic healing business since 2006. Her unique talents, skills and intuition assist her clients to go inward to discover and help free energetic restrictions and blockages, allowing for healing and balancing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of their body. In addition, during channeling sessions, clients have expressed the experience feeling the love and energy from divine beings of light.