Kathy Stubbs

Alaska Daylight Time Zone

(907) 310-4765

Specialties: Channeling, Healing, Akashic records

I, Kathy Stubbs am an experienced successful Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, and Energetic Healer who works with the guidance of the Divine to channel information for healing to my clients. I live in Alaska, about 240 miles from Denali the highest peak in North America. Denali is known as the crowning chakra of the earth. This incredibly magical place is my home. I am a teacher and perpetual student continuously seeking to master additional modalities of healing to better serve my clients. QUALIFICATIONS: • 2007 to present: Licensed, Certified Massage Therapist • 2007: Earned National Board Certified Massage Therapist (NCBTMB) membership and recognition • CERTIFICATIONS o Reiki Master o Healing Touch (Level 5) o Holographic Healing (5 levels) o Selenite Swords of Light Mastery MY PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE – HOW I HELP YOU My focus is Energetic Healing of the mind and body. I use my skills and divine guidance to guide my clients in healing and balancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of their body. I offer treatments that are complimentary and alternative that support any allopathic protocol the client has been prescribed. My unique skills and abilities intuit to assist and guide clients inward to discover and help free energetic restrictions and blockages. Currently, treatments are administered remotely so you can relax in the comfort of your own home and through the wonders of technology, you receive a full treatment without having to fly to Alaska! I am highly skilled in visualizing the client on the table and to conduct a full treatment on your body without having to physically touch you, the client. During the Energetic Healing, a fully engaged client will experience total relaxation and reduction from stress, anxiety, physical and emotional pain as well as personal healing. I trust my intuition and my innate abilities to provide a treatment that is unique to my client. The client is mentally and emotionally active in allowing the healing so they become the actual healer, while I am a vessel to assist in the healing process.