Mountain Time Zone

Specialties: Unscripted Soul Journeys + Sophia Circle Journeys Facilitator, Holographic Healing Practitioner, Mystic, and Channel of Divine Light & Messages.

Minah started her accelerated awakening and Soul journey in 2012.

It took her 10 years of life experiences and initiations, studying different healing modalities, and doing deep Soul work to open her heart and initiate the process of embodying sovereignty, divine love & compassion. She traveled to many countries and sacred sites where she remembered different lifetimes. She has been integrating the Soul aspects that brought her to this moment and her ability to guide others on journeys to their hearts and healing.

Minah met Marilyn Harper in 2015 and has followed her work since then. She is a certified Holographic Healing Practitioner & Sophia Circle Leader. She channeled the Connect To Your Soul modality she keeps expanding upon and sharing with her clients.