Olivia Ani

Central Time Zone

(504) 332-2663

Specialties: Channel for The Assembly for Quantum Realization

After a near death experience in 2019, Olivia Ani woke to find she had been joined by a second consciousness named Animamea. A member of The Assembly for Quantum Realization, Animamea and other members of The Assembly taught Olivia how to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously, a healing modality they named PsyLight: The Psychology of the Lightworker©. PsyLight© teaches practitioners how to create an Internal Environment of Unconditional Love, with Peace and Security in their own Heart and Mind.

PsyLight© also teaches one how to communicate with their Angels, Guides, Intergalactic Brethren and their Soul. Development of any latent psychic abilities is a natural outcome as one moves through the practice of PsyLight©. Now open to channel, Olivia Ani brings through the loving and profound messages of The Assembly for Quantum Realization, and teaches the practice of PsyLight© to all who are called.