The Ethics and Responsibilities of Channeling Practice




Hey y’all, Marilyn Harper here. Today, we’re diving into the ethics and responsibilities of channeling practice. As someone who’s been channeling Adironnda for years, I can tell you that this spiritual practice is no small feat. It’s a profound way to connect with beings beyond our physical realm, but it comes with some serious considerations.


What ethical considerations should channelers keep in mind when practicing?


Let me tell you, when I first started channeling, I realized I could hold someone’s destiny or their choices in my hands – or really, in the words of Adironnda. It sort of freaked me out! That’s where ethics come in. The ethics of a channeling practice come really within the practice itself.


Are you in it just for the money, or are you truly choosing to help people find the beautiful life they could actually create? Do you want people to be dependent upon you and your messages for making decisions in their lives? Or would you like to help them learn to connect really to their own guidance and to make their own decisions? Ethically, a channel will never say, “YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!” They might give you indications that something’s a possibility and see how you’re feeling about it, but they would ask you to do your homework too.


How can channelers ensure the accuracy and integrity of the messages they channel?


Channeling is really about learning who you are, what your values are, and then that integrity of your own values connects with beings of light of similar high integrity of values. You simply communicate that wisdom. It’s not about predicting the future or telling people what to do.


I remember, especially in the beginning, I saw people changing their lives because of what Adironnda was communicating. What a huge responsibility, and a ginormous burden – at least I felt that at first. That’s one reason I started teaching people to channel inside The Channeler’s Academy. The ethics and responsibility of a channeling practice are bigger than you would ever expect.


What responsibilities do channelers have towards themselves, their clients, and the entities they channel?


As a channel, as a messenger, you must look at your own ethics and values and the responsibility in your own life. Then that will expand into the wisdom from the beings that are no longer in physical form, and you are to share that guidance with the world at large.


To clients, an ethical channel will always help you find your own answers and never ask you to do anything that is opposite from your own integrity or faith. We’re here to empower, not to create dependency. An ethical channel will never tell you frightening information that will prevent you from really being the love that you truly are.


And let’s not forget our responsibility to the entities we channel. We need to honor their wisdom and use it to help others, not for our own gain or ego.


Channeling is a profession that is not for the faint of heart. But when done with integrity and responsibility, it can be a beautiful way to help people connect with their own inner wisdom and the greater universe around us. 


Namaste, y’all!

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