About Us

Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey

Your Awakening is our Mission

We're Holding the Space for Your Personal Transformation
with GraceEase, and Laughter!

Are you ready? Yippee! Let's go...


When the student is ready the teacher appears. We meet you where you are on your journey to help you awaken to the possibilities of what's next for you!


Now that you know Everything is Possible its time for you to expand your conciousness through Plurkshops, Advanced Education, and community!


There is always more to learn! Now it's time realize your next level of awakening and expansion. We're here to help you at every stage!

Nice to meet you!

We're Spiritual Healer Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey.
Also Known As “the Vessel” and “the Joy.”

We are the Co-Creators of Adironnda & Company

Our mission is to create a better, happier planet by delivering the loving and often hilarious messages of Adironnda.

Each person has a unique Divine Essence. Marilyn is Divine Inspiration and she is also the Divine Link for Adironnda & the Council of Light (messengers sent by Source to help with the Shift of the Planet.) Joeaux is Divine Action. Together, we inspire you to live your purpose.