Recommended Practitioners

Certified Holographic Healers & Graduates of The Channeler's Academy

What is the Channeler's Academy?

Learn how to channel professionally and establish a business from World-renowned Channeler, Marilyn Harper. 

Channeler's Academy Graduates

We are proud to introduce you to the following Professional Channelers whom we have personality taught and certified. They are all graduates of our Channeler’s Academy mastery program. We recommend each of these talented individuals for private channeling sessions. You can find out more about them and get their contact info by clicking on their photos


Catherine Esther

Cathy Wimsatt

Cheryl Viczko

Samuel Hibbert

Connie Elek

Darlene Della Rocca

de'Kyota Wynne

Kathy Stubbs

Kristin King

Lorrett Hibbert-Smith

Mariana de la Vega

Mary Piaskowski

Olivia Ani

Patty Oliver

Rebecca Wilson

What is Holographic Healing?

Holographic Healing is exercising and developing your own innate ability to see sense, feel, hear, and know what is inside your emotional, physical, or even mental body, or that of others in the process of facilitating healing.

Meet our Certified Holographic Healers

A professional certification to officially add the Holographic Healing modality into your Alternative Healing Practice is achieved  once you have mastered all five levels of Holographic Healing.

Gary Brewer

Jacqueline Bilobrowka

Kathy Stubbs

Paula Letkeman

Vianne Tiffany

Jamie Medforth

Carmen Arellano

Alexis Ranger


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"Great workshop, lots of learning, amazing experiences, and wonderful people. Had alot of fun getting lit up!"


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"And I want to thank both of you for all hat you do and all that you offer to your listeners and subscribers. You are a most delightful team and your energy is so lovely, so pure and kind and light. I always listen to the Double Digit talks (although sometimes on a later date) and I find them very helpful and also comforting in this crazy world of today!"



"This was the most dynamic and impactful conference/workshop I have ever attended! (And I go to a lot of them)."