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Channeling is an innate and magnificent conduit for connecting with the Divine. If you’ve been feeling a tug in your spirit, the Divine may be calling you to seek higher wisdom.  Once you understand the essence of channeling it will become clear that you, yes — YOU, can unlock the power of channeling through intention, trust, guided writing and elevated frequencies. Are you ready to learn the art of How to Channel? Let’s embark on this enlightening adventure together!

What is the Ability to Channel?

Channeling is a sacred practice that involves allowing the energy of the Divine, your higher self or a source of light within you to flow through your being. It’s akin to opening a channel to receive messages, insights, and wisdom from higher realms. Channeling can take many forms, from receiving words and visions to experiencing profound intuitive knowledge.

Channeling is not a separate state; it’s a way of being. Embrace the essence of your own divine nature, and channeling will become second nature to you.

Can you teach someone How to Channel? Absolutely! Through these four foundational steps — intention, trust, guided writing, and elevated frequency — you can unlock your innate ability to channel the Divine. Just as artists paint, musicians compose, and writers create, you, too, can channel the wisdom and love that surrounds you.

How Do You Allow Energy to Flow Through You?

The first key to channeling is intention. Simply set your intention to establish a deeper connection with your own higher self or the radiant source of light residing within you. Intention is the spark that ignites the channeling process, drawing the Divine energy closer.

When you channel, you become a vessel for this divine energy to flow through you. You might hear words, see images or sense impressions, it’s essential to trust these intuitive cues. Initially, you may doubt your abilities, just as I did when I began my journey. But remember, trust is the second step on this luminous path.

channeling how to channel

How Do You Channel Your Energy?

Now, let’s discuss guided writing, also known as automatic writing. This practice entails putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and allowing the guidance to flow through your writing. It’s as if your hand becomes an instrument guided by a higher power, revealing insights and messages from the spiritual realm.

Focus on living at a higher frequency. Elevate your energy, align with your inner wisdom, and immerse yourself in the loving vibrations of your guidance. 

As you embark on your channeling journey, consider joining our upcoming How to Channel Even If (You Think) You Can’t event in Dallas at the end of the month. It’s a gateway to deeper understanding and connection with your spiritual gifts. 

channeling how to channel

Let your desire and intention guide you, trust the wisdom that flows, and embrace the art of living in harmony with your guidance.

Together, we’ll illuminate the world with love and wisdom. 

Namaste Y’all 

Marilyn ✨

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