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It’s a new year, which means there is new numerology that pertains to this year! Have you ever thought about calculating your personal numerology reading, finding out what it means, and then applying it to your life? Well, here’s your sign to use Double Digitology and numerology to change your life.

What is your Personal Year Numerology Reading?

Numerology has been used for centuries to gain a deeper understanding of our selves and our lives. Numbers follow patterns, and we can use those patterns along with our intuition to navigate the seasons of our lives.

Your personal year numerology reading will be obtained by using your birth month and date, and the current year. For example, if your birthday is 3/11, and because the current year of 2023 = 7, you would add them like this:

3 + 1 + 1 + 7 = 12

1 + 2 = 3

For your numerology reading, you will want to add the numbers until they equal a single digit, and that will be the number that applies to your life this year.

What Does each Number Mean in Numerology?

Once you have calculated the numerology reading for your own personal year, how can you decipher what the number means? Well, let me give you a quick run down of the numerology reading for each number, and what that can mean for your life.

  • #1 – A New beginning. Stand strong and courageously in your essence, because you are about to start something brand new. 
  • #2 – A perfect foundation. This can mean a strong foundation for a relationship or strengthening your existing relationships.
  • #3 – Catalyst for change. The number 3 is out of balance, and will cause you to seek balance if this is your numerology reading.
  • #4 – Structure. You will need to organize your world in order to stay strong in your foundation.
  • #5 – Change, change, CHANGE. The number 5 can also represent your sensuality, so pay attention to your sensitivities in that area.
  • #6 – Harmony. The 6 can also represent the birth of new ideas. If this is your numerology reading, what could this mean for you?
  • #7 – Spirituality. This number is highly associated with our intuition, and yours may be growing! Have you learned How to Channel yet?
  • #8 – Infinite Abundance. However, if this is your numerology reading, that rolly bottom on the 8 means you need to pay attention.
  • #9 – Ending of a Cycle. Cut out the energy of things you want to get rid of without looking back.

How can Numerology Change your Life?

When you take your numerology reading seriously and pay attention to what it means for your life, you can open a whole new world of insight. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of what this year can mean for you, how can you use that to your benefit?

If you meditate daily on your intentions, with your numerology reading in mind, that may be a great place to start! You will be able to tune in to the message from spirit, and truly define your life purpose. 

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Namaste Y’all!

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  1. So i have The book…but can’t really find an answer there… My birthday is 30. Oct. 1969 so I’m a 11 or a 2 and if I calculate my year now, it is also a 11 or a 2…does that mean anything different when your year number is the same as your life path number? Thank you both for everything you are doing for the world ❤️

  2. Good afternoon ladies I want to thank you for the beautiful and uplifting messages even though I'm going trough a rough patch right now you make my day bright.

  3. Hi Marilyn, First, thank you for giving all this great information. Maybe you could answer this question that I cannot find the answer for years. That is, when does a person’s cycle begin for their personal year. Ie: person’s birthday is December 28 and the is 2022 12+28+6 =19=10=1. But we go into 2023. Is that person now in a 2 or are they still in a 1 until their birthday or is there the influence of both 1 and 2. If you know the answer I would be very grateful to know too ❤️

  4. I love your definitions of the meaning of the numbers and have always been fascinated with numerology myself. However i notice here you have not mentioned the master numbers as 11,22,33.
    Most if my life is made up of 11’s. I have honoured that. This year using your method, I am a 7 and it’s a 7 year. If i work out my birth chart your way i m still an 11, if i work it out using 11 as the master number my birth makes me a double 11. It’s complicated but still seems to fall in the same meanings. Indications reflect this is true for me, the energies are very high now, the gateways to the other side are down. I am fascinated to see how 2023 unfolds. Already Mother Earth is clearing out old energy it seems.
    So roll on 2023

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