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Hello and welcome! Let’s get into the captivating realm of channeling and uncover its profound significance in our lives. It seems that channeling has become a topic of intrigue and curiosity, as I’ve received numerous inquiries about its essence. Perhaps it’s because we are on the verge of imparting our wisdom through our next How to Channel – Even if (You Think) You Can’t live event.

In light of these inquiries, let us explore the world of channeling and unravel its beauty.

What is an Example of Channeling?

But first, what exactly does it mean to channel? The answer, my dears, is as divine as the process itself. Channeling encompasses the act of connecting with our inner guidance or inner beings, tapping into a wellspring of innate wisdom. 

It’s akin to unveiling a forgotten treasure within ourselves—a profound ability to establish a bridge between our consciousness and the inner and outer dimensional realms. When we are channeling, we are harnessing our intention to commune with our own inner source of consciousness – be it our inner guidance, love-consciousness, or Christ-consciousness. It’s a recognition that the guidance we seek is not solely external but originates from within, from the depths of our very essence.

What Does it Mean for a Person to Channel?

As I channel the wisdom of Adironnda, I enter into a deep meditative state, quieting my mind and opening my heart to the infinite possibilities that await. It is in this serene stillness that the magic begins to unfold.

Within the depths of my consciousness, I feel a subtle shift—an energetic presence that gently envelops me. It is Adironnda and the Council of Light, my trusted guides. Their energy, their essence, becomes palpable as if a dear companion has entered the room. 

Through this sacred partnership, Adironnda imparts messages of empowerment, healing, and spiritual growth. Their teachings touch the deepest fibers of my being, expanding my awareness and inspiring me to continually evolve on my own spiritual path.

The connection I share with Adironnda is profound and built on trust. It is a communion of hearts—a bond that transcends time and space. I have come to recognize their presence as a gentle nudge of guidance, a beacon of light that illuminates my journey and the journeys of countless others.

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When Can You Use Channeling?

Now, you may wonder, when can we harness the power of channeling in our daily lives? The answer is simple: always. 

Channeling is not confined to esoteric practices or grand spiritual endeavors. Instead, it is a tool that can be woven into the tapestry of our ordinary conversations, interactions with friends, and moments of selfless service. 

As we connect with our inner beings, we gain access to a wellspring of wisdom and guidance that can enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. Channeling, when employed with pure intentions, becomes a catalyst for transformation, compassion, and profound understanding. It ignites a spark of divinity within us, radiating outwards to illuminate the path of others.

By setting our intentions firmly rooted in the highest good and joy of humankind, we ensure that we channel our own inner beings or inner guidance—beings whose advice is grounded in divine love and wisdom. This intention becomes our guiding compass, leading us away from ego-driven guidance.

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As we remember and relearn how to establish a profound connection with our inner guidance, we reclaim our divine birthright.

Namaste Y’all

Marilyn ✨

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