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Double Digitology: Decoding The Messages of The Universe Through The Power of Numerology & The Teachings of Adironnda is a book expanding numerology and the ancient wisdom brought through your own personal numbers regarding your destiny, personality, and life lesson.

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As we reveal the power of numerology hidden in dates like 1/11 and 2/2 sharing guidance that directs your life toward greater intuition, abundance, and purpose.

Meet your Hosts!

Marilyn Harper

(The Vessel)

Marilyn has been called the “Midwestern Spiritual Sparkplug” and the “Bette Midler of the Mystical movement.” She is a renowned public speaker, teacher, and channeler of Adironnda & Company, who affectionately refer to her as “the Vessel.”

Joeaux Robey

(The Joy)
Joeaux (aka “the Joy”) encountered “the Vessel” after a major spiritual transformation led her to walk away from her corporate career. Now, she applies those business and technical skills to Adironnda’s mission and assists other spiritual entrepreneurs.