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“New Year’s Resolutions: Why They Actually Rock”

One of my favorite subjects is all about goal setting, especially at this time of year when people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I know that some people love setting goals, while others find it triggering. However, I believe that New Year’s resolutions rock because I am a firm believer in improving by 1% every day.

What is Your New Year Resolution Example?

As one of my New Year’s resolutions, I did the 75 Hard protocol. This is a challenging plan that involves reading 10 pages per day, exercising for 45 minutes in the morning and evening (with one workout being outside), following a specific eating plan (such as no dairy or gluten), drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water, and taking a selfie every day to track your progress. 

Through the process, I learned that exercising twice a day for 45 minutes can significantly change your body, even at an older age. I also learned that cleaning up my eating plan made me feel better and that reading 10 pages per day increased my knowledge base. 

I did find that taking a selfie every day was unnecessary, and it was better to take one weekly to see changes more clearly. However, that could be a New Year’s resolution on it’s own- taking a selfie every day for a year!

What are the 3 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions?

I believe that New Year’s resolutions are important because they allow us to take steps forward in our lives and make progress towards our goals. Even if we don’t succeed at first, it’s okay to pick up again the next day and keep trying. Unlike the 75 Hard protocol, we don’t have to start from zero when we make a promise to ourselves and something happens that prevents us from keeping it. 

The 3 most common New Year’s resolutions are: 

– Living Healthier 

Personal Improvement

 – Weight Loss

It’s important to be specific and realistic with our New Year’s resolutions. Rather than saying we want to “lose weight,” we should specify exactly how much weight we want to lose and come up with a plan to achieve it. It’s also important to have accountability, whether that’s through a friend or a coach. 

How do you Set New Year’s Resolutions?

Setting a New Year’s resolution is a lot like setting an intention. There are a few ways that you can do this!

In conclusion, I believe that New Year’s resolutions can be very beneficial and encourage everyone to set specific, realistic goals for themselves, with accountability and a plan in place to achieve them.

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