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What’s A Personalized Guided Meditation?

Hi, Marilyn Harper here…

I just wanted to talk with you a little bit about personalized guided meditations. I just wanted to explain to you a little bit about what they are. Randy Luna and I go into the studio together. We connect with the person that’s requesting the personalized guided meditation, and we connect through your name and your birthdate, a bit like a private session or a remote session.

You write an intention

  • Then, we create a 15 to 20 minute meditation that is specifically based for you.
  • It is using words that Adironnda and the Council of Light bring in just for you.
  • Randy actually plays notes on the keyboard, it’s a soul song, I call it, because it is your personal song.

With that personal song, what happens is that gets into the cells of your body to help you magnetize whatever it is that you’re choosing to create for this year, for you or to you.


I just want to read you a couple of testimonials from someone that has, or from a few people that have actually purchased the personalized guided meditations. Let me see if I can get to them here.

One is from Danette and she says, “I’m so excited. My life changed forever after I received the personalized guided meditation. When I was in elementary school, I drew a picture of myself as an adult. I wanted to grow up to be Wonder Woman. I surrounded myself with superheroes and drew the Justice League as my friends. After my personalized guided meditation, I realized that I am that superhero. I am that Wonder Woman. That is instilled within me, and I don’t even have to wear a separate costume. I’m surrounded in real life by my superhero friends, as I am one of those superheroes as well. My life, again, changed forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The world is a better place because you’re in it. Namaste.”

Here is another one. This is from Margaret in California. She actually gets one every year.

She would like to say, “First, the others were also perfect and treasured. I listened to them every day for that year. I listened last year every day. I actually sometimes had to go into the bathroom at work during my lunch hour and put my headset on. When I did, it made a difference the rest of the day. Your personalized guided meditations that you and Randy do are spectacular. Thank you.”

This one is from Rob in Australia.

“I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my personalized guided recording, my meditation. I knew I made the right decision as soon as I listened to it. Literally, my heart opened. Surprisingly enough, I burst into tears, and I knew that that,” it’s going to make me cry, “that that was the healing that I needed to set the pace for the year. With love and gratitude, Rob from Australia.” Anyway, I could go on and on about these meditations. They are so powerful. They shift the consciousness of your world, and we connect directly to you. You can play the soul song anywhere, anytime. You can play the guided meditation as often as you like. I just wanted to share that with you.

Available Only Once Per Year

Because the process is very time intensive or both Randy Luna, our composer, and myself we put aside time just before the holidays to create these recordings. Watch your emails from us for this special time.

Ready to Order Yours?

You can get your unique, Personalized Guided Meditation by purchasing yours through our store. We will ask you a few questions, and the put your order into the cue for when we go back into the studio. Once we’ve created your recording you will be notified and we will send you the digital file.

It’s really easy, you can order your Personalized Guided Meditation Here >

We LOVE hearing from you! Have you experienced a Personalized Guided Meditation? Tell us what it’s done for you. Your comment will help others, too.

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  1. My Personal Intentions are: my birthday is August 18, 1946. Remove 93lbs and be physically active in my Life. Join something to socialize more. Exercise every other day . Be Healthy, Wealthy,Wise and Joyful.

  2. I am feeling the love all around me, but my intentions need to be clearer, both for myself and to connect with my higher self

  3. I would like to live without constant fear and trust that I am always safe, that the universe will provide a solution.
    I’d love me eldest son to find his way.
    I’d love to have perfect eyesight as well.

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