21 Days to Optimal Health


21-Day meditation program that takes you into your body daily focusing on healing any physical and emotional issues. 



Here is what others have said:

“I have tried and tried to control my addiction to carbohydrates; through the Optimal Health program, I have limited my carbohydrate so much I have permanently released 43 pounds!” – M.H., Missouri

“When we were working on the spine, I could actually feel my spine elongating and moving back in place. It was weird but pretty cool.” – L.V., France

“When we were finished with the 21 days, I found it so powerful I have now listened to it daily for the past 6 months.  I feel I am just getting healthier and healthier.  Thank you!” – G.D., New Zealand   

“All I can say is WOW.” – S.B., California

This 21-Day program includes:

21 Downloadable Guided Meditation recordings,  each about 30 minutes long, leading you, the listener, into a visualized journey of your body.  

Marilyn Harper guides you into your brain, your heart, spine, organs, bones, muscles, and systems of the body specifically to sense, see, feel, know, and understand where blockages may be and help release them.  We will work through guided imagery to help the human form reach its optimal health.  

This 21-day series can be done each day consecutively, or you can work with one meditation for a few days until you are ready to move on to the next meditation.  You can also do the meditations alone or use them to facilitate groups, including meditation and discussion communities.

Our class includes Recorded LIVE downloads:

  • (21) 30-minute Recorded LIVE meditations with Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda
  • (21) Recorded LIVE “mini” classes with Marilyn
  • (1) Recorded LIVE Video class and activation
  • (2) BONUS Guided Meditations by Marilyn Harper, Randy Luna, and Adironnda

This is perfect for:

  • Anyone seeking to release physical limitations
  • People looking for alternative ways of healing their body
  • Anyone looking to experience remote viewing
  • People who wish to meditate their way to wellness