A Journey into the Akashic Records – Forgiving


This Guided Meditation takes the listener on a journey to enter into the Akashic Records.  This is one way to go within your own Akash.  The purpose of this meditation is to help you forgive yourself and others. Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna form a mystical team of guidance and channeled music.


This guided meditation – A Journey into the Akashic Records – Forgiving – gently takes you on a journey of enlightenment into the Akashic Records.

As we know, everything is stored in our cells and our Akashic Records.

This meditation brings people, situations and events that might have blocked you in the past and assists the listener in forgiving each person or situation for the purpose of moving forward. 

You may receive visions of past lives, or past events in this life, that might hold you back.You can let them go, and A Journey into the Akashic Records – Forgiving will help you do just that.  

We know, as a Lightworker, we each must forgive everyone of everything.  This recording will assist in that forgiveness as well as forgiving yourself.