Ascension is available for DOWNLOAD ONLY. This Channeled Music recording containing 3 tracks is a beautiful compilation of original music created by Randy Luna.  It was created with the intention of connecting you more strongly with your vision of what you are choosing to create. See below for more details.



DOWNLOAD ONLY – Ascension – The three tracks of Ascension bring you through the energy of your personal Visioning (the creation process,) then assists in aligning your with your own intention of Oneness, then elevates that intentional Vision with Ascension.

About Marilyn and Randy: Randy Luna is a master musician and professional composer.  He has composed and arranged music for Broadway in New York and St. Louis theaters and is a regular arranger/composer in Branson theaters. His intention is to assist in raising your vibrational frequency for the collective Highest Good of all.

Track 1 – Visioning – Aligning you with your desired creation

Track 2 – Oneness – Joining all energy into the unity of One

Track 3 – Ascension – Raising your frequency to match that of your destiny.