Awaken Your Super Human


DOWNLOAD ONLY – This 4 Track Guided Meditation is inspired by our plurkshop, Awaken Your Super Human and Everything is Possible  The Guided Meditation track lends into a deeper understanding of your life purpose.  2 Tracks of Guided meditation and 2 tracks of Channeled Music by Randy Luna with 528 Hertz included in each track which will help repair your DNA and lower your stress or anxiety levels..


DOWNLOAD ONLY – Awaken Your Super Human

This recording came from our LIVE “Everything is Possible” and  “Awaken Your Super Human” Weekend Plurkshops, (play + work = Plurk). It features four tracks with original Meditations and Activations from Marilyn, accompanied by Adironnda, and backed with 528 Hz music (which is known by some as the “Love Frequency”). This compilation, recorded at our LIVE workshop (and remastered professionally in Randy Luna’s studio), is designed to re-activate your SuperPowers or innate abilities that lay dormant inside.

About Marilyn and Randy: This dynamic duo, Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna, form a mystical team of inter dimensional travelers designed to assist in raising your vibrational frequency for the collective Highest Good of all. 

4 Tracks

Track 1 – Resonance – Music with 528 Herz

Track 2  – Elevation – Music with 528 Herz

Track 3 – Heart Resonance – Guided Meditation

Track 4 – Elevate your Intention – Guided Meditation