Cellular Healing


Download Only – This two track Guided Meditation recorded live with Adironnda during one of the Double Digits Activations.  This recording activates the body’s innate healing ability and promotes health in the cellular field aligning the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna form a mystical team of guidance and channeled music.


Download Only- This Guided Meditation recorded live with Adironnda, on the Double Digit Activation with an in-person audience.  Adironnda & the Council of Light gently journey with you to ignite your healing ability, utilizing the energy of the Archange Raphael, the healer to promote wellness

Cellular Healing is intended to align the meridians and heal cellular memory.  This is a visualized journing designed to activate your own personal innate healing ability.

Track 1 – Guided Meditation Cellular Healing

Track 2 – Healing channeled music by Randy Luna