Chakra Balancing


The Chakra Balancing recording is available for DOWNLOAD ONLY. It’s a Guided Meditation designed to move through each of your own personal energy centers, also known as chakras, intentionally balancing each one with the focus of 2 Reiki Masters.  Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna, both Reiki Masters, bring their own mystical connection together for your health and well-being.  This recording can be used during a massage or energy therapy treatment, as well as personally.


DOWNLOAD ONLY – A Guided Meditation for Personal Energy Alignment Therapy.

Utilizing Reiki energy, Randy Luna and Marilyn Harper (both Reiki Masters) activate and balance each energy center of your body.  Chakra Balancing will help you to align your energy field to a more blissful state of harmony and peace.

Many massage therapists use this recording during their massage sessions to balance the chakras of their clients.  This recording can also be played as you are falling asleep at night or first thing in the morning to accelerate health, open and rotate your chakras, and promote wellness with you or your client.