Cobalt Blue Bottle – Etched


According to Adironnda, drinking water from a cobalt blue bottle can raise your vibration and improve the water quality. Our logo-adorned Cobalt Blue Bottles are now available for shipping custom-etched with a specific intention for abundance, love, gratitude, or joy and a reminder to: “Shift and the world around you shifts.” -Adironnda

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We’ve been telling people for 24+ years now: “Drink your water from Cobalt Blue Bottles.”- Adironnda

Now, we’ve got the bottles, especially for you… True Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles! Each bottle comes beautifully etched with one of the following intentions of your choice:

  • Abundance
  • Gratitude
  • Joy
  • Love

When Adironnda first came to Marilyn in 1999, one of their first transmissions was to drink out of cobalt blue bottles to raise your vibration and improve the quality of the water. 

Adironnda’s Cobalt Blue Bottles feature:

  • 24 oz. / 750 ml size
  • Sturdy glass construction
  • A “perfect fit” for cup holders in most vehicles
  • A brilliantly colored “Rabbit Stopper” – chosen just for you!
  • Bottles feature deep glass etchings with the intention and the Adironnda radiant heart on the front and “Shift and the World Around You Shifts” ~ Adironnda & Company – on the back
  • Completely dishwasher safe… These etchings cannot be washed off!
  • Instructions on how to get the most out of your cobalt blue bottle
  • Water NOT included : )

SO – Why Drink Water From Cobalt Blue Bottles?

When Cobalt Blue Bottles are filled with your favorite water* and then placed such that they can receive the wonderful radiant energy from the Sun – we believe that, like us, you’ll receive these completely natural benefits:

  • Changes in the molecular structure of the water such that the water can be more readily put to use by your physical body.
  • Your water will actually taste better… We think you’ll agree that water from Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles tastes much better than water from the tap and even water from those little clear plastic bottles.
  • Your water’s vibrational frequency will be raised to a higher level. This, in turn, raises your vibrational frequency, too!

Hint: Google “Dr. Emoto” for more information on this amazing phenomenon!

  • Your water’s chemical content may be changed for the better, as sunlight through blue glass helps transmute the chemical content of the water, making it healthier for you to consume.
  • It causes those around you to wonder what it is you’re up to… How fun is that?
  • There are no accidents… These bottles are Cobalt Blue precisely because Cobalt Blue is the color of the 17th Ray – which is the “Will of God”, so – drinking your water from Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles is like drinking in the will of Source Energy.
  • When you set an intention in your drinking water, an intention in your life is reinforced with each drink of water.

* For optimal results, we suggest you use your favorite filtered water to fill your Cobalt Blue Bottles. The better the water going in, the better the water coming out!


Abundance, Gratitude, Joy, Love