The Creation recording is available for DOWNLOAD ONLY.  This channeled music was created by Randy Luna for the seminar “Love the Life You Live.” The two tracks carry the energy of forgiving all and then creating a life you love. More details are below.


This music download contains two tracks that were recorded live during a “Love the Life You Live” seminar.  The energy of the seminar “Live the Life You Love”  was captured most aptly by master musician Randy Luna.

Creation amplifies the energy of creation for ANY project or idea. We recommend that you play this anytime you are starting a new intention or project. While playing Creation, you will be carried back to some iconic themes for living intentionally.

Track 1 – Forgiving –  the music in this track help you journey, with love, back to your true calling or yourself.

Track 2 – Creation – Assists in following your own intention while creating the energy you desire most.  

We have heard hundreds of success stories, Marilyn’s included.  She played it over and over in the car and her home asking for help, and she got Joeaux out the intention.