Explore Your Galactic Akash


What planet are you from? Discover your soul’s origin by learning how to go into your “Galactic Akash” with this interactive workshop. Akashic records can be thought of as an energetic library containing the details of your soul’s journey. Like a hard drive, your Akash stores events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions as “files” from what has occurred in past lives and your present incarnation.

Join Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey, with Adironnda & the Council of Light for this interactive workshop where you’ll get to discover your Planetary or Starseed origin by going into your Galactic Akash.

Your Akashic Records contain the recording of your soul’s history including all past lives up to this moment, both on and off this Planet.

Exploring your Akash can answer many questions, uncover your soul purpose, open you up to higher levels of consciousness, bring forward the best version of you, and connect with your galactic roots.