The Flow recording is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. You’ll receive 2 Tracks that include a Guided Meditation and Channeled Music connecting you with the innate flow in your world.  The meditation takes you on a visualized journey floating downstream, gently anchoring the energy of flow into your cellular body. 



DOWNLOAD ONLY –  FLOW contains two tracks created to assist you in anchoring in the grace of easy living with the perfect Divine Order of life. The first track is a gentle guided meditation helping to integrate Divine perfection, and energy, into a natural flow of synchronicity. The second track features astounding encoded channeled music, composed by Randy Luna, which serves further to assist Flow into the cells of your field.

About Marilyn and Randy: This dynamic duo, Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna, form a mystical team of inter-dimensional travelers designed to assist in raising your vibrational frequency for the collective Highest Good of all.

Track 1 – Flow – Guided Meditation

Track 2 – Flowing – Channeled Music