Generational Healing


DOWNLOAD ONLY – The Generational Healing guided meditation journey contains 3 tracks that will help transform your past paradigms, imprints, and programs. This download includes an introduction, instructions, 1 guided meditation, and 1 music meditation.  It can be repeated multiple times to integrate layers of old blockages. 


Generational Healing includes 3 tracks with music and guidance specifically to assist your own healing of beliefs and programs, fear, anxiety, and generational patterns that no longer serve your Highest Good.

Track #1 – Introduction and instructions

Track #2 – Marilyn Harper leads you through a Guided Meditation with originally encoded music by Randy Luna.  Note: Please do not play this track while driving or operating machinery.

Track #3 – Music only from the Guided Meditation. This track can be played anytime, anywhere, and it includes the original intention.