Private Session – Half Hour


Your private session with Adironnda can be used for either Holographic Healing or obtaining information from Adironnda & the Council of Light. OR you can request a combination of both.

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“Amazing! It’s like soul-coaching…” ~ Teresa

Sometimes, you need a little confirmation, a little nudging, a little insight – – – a little “I love you.”

Adironnda brings in messages from your guides, your angels, Master Teachers, archangels and others – whose voices you may not be hearing consciously.

Chances are, if you’re thinking about a private session, on some level you may be asking for confirmation or direction

All private sessions are recorded and you receive a downloadable audio recording.  

You will need the software downloaded on your device for the clearest recording. A phone can be used, but it isn’t as clear a recording.. 

All private session information is held strictly confidential.

We look forward to our time together!

What will I experience in a private session?

First, relax and let go of all of your expectations. Take a deep breath, and let that go as well. An intention for the session is not required. Adironnda usually has insight as to what information would be for your Highest good.

Understand that Adironnda is a multi-dimensional “spokes-being” from Source energy that represents a Council of guides, teachers, and Archangels. The message you receive will be an activation to accelerate and illuminate whatever is in your Highest good.

They are not psychic.

Second, they work directly with your energy and information from the past and the future via the Akashic Records. They assist to remove blockages, both physical and mental, to help you see your path as it is laid out before you.

Marilyn is also a medical intuitive, and with Adironnda’s assistance, they magnify the healing energy within you using Holographic Healing.

The Benefits of Private Sessions:

  • Connect directly with Source, “see” the energy and dive deeper into a personal conversation.
  • Perfect for exploring issues after a group session or retreat!
  • Marilyn/Adironnda will take you directly into the heart of any issue that’s holding you back.
  • Release the negative energy that was causing issues or patterns that may have been controlling you.
  • Experience Energy Balancing, Reiki and Quantum Touch during the session or request separate energy sessions.

Answers to Common Questions:

  • Yes, sessions are interactive. You may ask as many questions as the time allows. Infact, we encourage you to prepare some questions.
  • Yes, both sides of the conversation are recorded. You will receive a downloadable recording within 48 hours of your session
  • Yes, the energy is the same whether you are on the phone or in-person.
  • Yes, even with phone sessions, you may actually have the sensation of Marilyn’s /Adironnda’s hands or presence on and around you.
  • Please note, because of the amplified energy the Video is not available during the session, only audio.