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Holographic Healing 1 – Body Mastery


Holographic Healing Body Mastery is Level 1 of a 5-Level Certification Course.   This is the foundational level and is a 21-segment meditation and activation class.  It was recorded LIVE, Online, and recorded.  All support materials are included. See below for more details.

Holographic Healing Body Mastery 

Holographic Healing Level 1 is a 21-segment meditation and activation class that was recorded LIVE online. This class is built upon the 21-day Meditation Mastery program, “21 Days to Optimal Health”. It was offered for 21 consecutive days because it builds the habit of meditation, opening up within the participant the ability to enter the physical body and holographically rearrange programs within a person’s mental, physical, and emotional body.

This 21-day course is one of four segments for a certification course in Holographic Healing. It can be experienced for 21 consecutive days or at your own pace.

This segment concentrates on being able to “see” with your other senses for the purpose of perfect Divine Health. 

It is the foundational level for Holographic Healing and is required for certification and listing on the website