Holographic Healing 2 – Akash Mastery


This is one of the 5 levels of the Holographic Healing Certification course.  Holographic Healing II – Akashic Mastery teaches the participant to enter their own or their client’s Akashic Records to find the emotional origin of dis-ease or other misalignments.  It is a 20-part online course pre-recorded Live with Marilyn Harper. This level can be a stand-alone course taken by itself or in conjunction with the other levels of Holographic Healing. See below for more details.

Holographic Healing Akash Mastery

This is a 5-module activation class that was recorded LIVE.  The focus of Level II in Holographic Healing is to be able to go in and out of the Akashic Records, understand the symbolism of the Akash, see the core of your pain or dis-ease from past lives, and be able to release that pain.

Body Mastery of this program focused on remote viewing of the body, and it is not a prerequisite for this class. However, if you wish to be certified in this modality, Level I is required and can be taken at a later date.

Each of the 5 Modules includes:

  • 1 longer 1-2 hour class
  • 2 shorter training and activations  
  • All classes and activations were recorded LIVE for this product.

You will also receive the “software” download activation for your pineal and 3rd eye AND Cellular Healing – a 40-minute guided meditation with Randy Luna and Marilyn Harper.

This is an online course and can be experienced at your own pace.  Each month we have a Live, online, recorded coaching class with Marilyn to help further your training.