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Holographic Healing 3 – Quantum Vision Mastery


Holographic Healing Level 3 – Quantum Vision Mastery will assist in strengthening your ability to view inside the human form remotely. In this 21-day online level, you will be able to see or sense with accuracy inside the body and interpret that which you see for the purpose of aligning the form to remain in balance. See below for more details.

Holographic Healing III – Developing your Quantum Vision – A 21-Day Intensive 

This level can be taken separately or in conjunction with the other three levels of Holographic Healing.  It is not dependent upon the information previously covered, although it would be helpful to have experienced Level 1, Body Mastery. This course was recorded Live with an online audience.

In Holographic Healing Level 3,  Quantum Vision Mastery, we will delve deeper into the body. Participants will have a more complete understanding of their own unique way of receiving information using their own innate abilities. We will accelerate your ability to see, sense, feel, hear, or know the human body and exactly how to remotely view inside your own body or your client’s body. We call this Quantum Vision.

Why Quantum? It is viewed with “the smallest quantity of radiant energy,” and interpreting the “sudden or significant” effects on the human form thereby, with intention and creative visualization, we will replace those areas that appear to be out of balance and bring them back into a position of balance and integral integrity.

This 21-Day course included 4 -longer classes and 17 shorter classes, mini classes, and activations for a more highly developed inner sight.

There will be two divisions of the course:

1) for those who simply want to bring their own personal health into a place of balance, we will utilize group participation to remotely view the emotional cause as well as the physical cause and set it right again.

2) for Alternative health practitioners who wish to further their practice using the techniques of HH for their own clientele. (certification is available for those who have completed each course and the practice periods.

With this 21 Day course, we will move through the human form and systems, spending 2 or 3 days on each system.

  1. Understanding the ability to see or sense inter-dimensionally – Identify how you receive your information
  2. Spine, Bones, Cartilage – regeneration of cartilage, alignment of bones
  3. Circulatory system – Heart, blood, lungs
  4. Brain, how the different areas work, and how to upgrade the system
  5. Organs, digestive, reproductive, abdominal cavity
  6. Muscles, ligaments, tendons
  7. Nerves, moving it altogether