Leverage Your Akash to Remove Blocks and Reclaim Your Gifts


Just like being there live – Watch the Replay of Leverage Your Akash.  Learn how to enter your own Akashic Records and how to interpret the information received

Learn to Visit Your Akashic Records, Anytime.

 Many of our current trauma-drama-blockages are protection from past-life, and current life experiences. During this 2-hour course you will get a better understanding of the Akashic Record and witness an experience like a spectator in a movie, then let it all go or integrate it so that experience or situation is no longer in charge of your decision making process..

We will also take you into your Akash to help you discover your best assets and their origin!

This is a fun and practical course, Marilyn and Joeaux (and Adironnda & Company) will take you on to show you how how to access your own Hall of Akash.

Replay – This video class was recorded LIVE, ONLINE early in the Covid lockdown.