Meridian Alignment


This powerful Meridian Alignment recording is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. It includes 2 Tracks: Guided Meditation and Channeled Music, which balances the body and aligns the meridians. Anytime you experience physical or emotional trauma, injury or have surgery, your body’s meridians are separated. The meditation connects and realigns them. Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna form a mystical team of guidance and channeled music that you must experience!


Recorded Live with Randy Luna (our Master Musician) during one of The Double Digits Activations, Meridian Alignment brings the premise for balance and alignment in the future dimensions.

Track 1 – a guided meditation, begins with the Master Meridian down the center of the physical, emotional, and mental body. You are then guided through each of the central meridians, illuminating each one and aligning them all for perfect peace and balance.

Track 2 – is channeled music, which allows you to experience the same alignments of the first track but without the guided meditation. This track can be played anywhere, at any time, to assist in Meridian Alignment everywhere you go!