Messages From Your Soul


A Guided Meditation leading you into Guided or Automatic Writing, allowing time to write and then bringing you back to the present to conclude the meditation. Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna form a mystical team of guidance and channeled music.


Messages from your Soul You will be guided out of the 3D world and into your own personal connection with your Guidance System for messages that will come through you as you write or journal.

Instructions:  Please provide a space for yourself that is quiet, light a candle if you like, place paper on your lap and pen in your hand.  At the appropriate time in the Guided Meditation, simply begin writing anything that comes to mind.  As you go deeper into the dimensional space of your own guidance, suddenly, you will find yourself connecting with your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals and Higher Self. Messages From Your Soul can also be used as inspiration for creating an art project, sculpture or painting.