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Navigating November Bundle


For the second week of our early holiday special bundles, we present you with the Navigating November bundle. This bundle includes recordings and products that will help you navigate a season that may seem chaotic to some! Learn more about the products below!

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Connection Guided Meditation:

DOWNLOAD ONLY – Connection is a guided meditation intended to connect you with your own primary Spirit Guide and Totem Animal.  The visualized journey is a mystical walk through a beautiful meadow, then brings your guides forward, taking you on a cosmic journey.

You will transcend time and space, then  hear the voices of your guides, angels and totems while anchoring them into your cellular system so you can always recognize their energy.

Messages from your Soul Guided Meditation:

DOWNLOAD ONLY – Messages from your Soul — You will be guided out of the 3D world and into your own personal connection with your Guidance System for messages that will come through you as you write or journal.

Instructions: Please provide a space for yourself that is quiet, light a candle if you like, place paper on your lap and pen in your hand. At the appropriate time in the Guided Meditation, simply begin writing anything that comes to mind. As you go deeper into the dimensional space of your own guidance, suddenly, you will find yourself connecting with your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals and Higher Self. Messages From Your Soul can also be used as inspiration for creating an art project, sculpture or painting.


Pyramid Pendulum:

This pyramid pendulum can be used as a simple pendulum in dowsing. However, it can also be used as a powerful healing device to remove negativity and amplify positivity in one’s life.

Inside the pendulum is:

  • Over 300 chakra-balancing crystals
  • Holy water from a European cathedral
  • Sacred waters from across the planet
  • Pineal Lemurian Tones artwork and symbols
  • Ascended Masters artwork and symbols
  • A small magnet

The base is a specially formulated Resin.


Transformational Rainbow Awareness Bracelet:

Change a habit in just 3 weeks with the help of one of our transformational awareness bracelets. This rainbow glass and crystal chakra-colored bracelet is sealed with a heart to assist in becoming conscious of old habits that no longer serve so they can be shifted. Read below for details on how to use them to make a shift.

Our Transformational Awareness Bracelet is specially designed for us to assist in the process of changing habits. Your objective is to wear it on the same wrist for 21 days, therefore, shifting any old habit you choose to shift. Each time you catch yourself complaining, talking poorly about yourself or others, or putting yourself or others down, “Change Your Bracelet.” Each time you change your bracelet, you begin the 21-day count again.

This specific style was created with transformation in mind. All bracelets are activated and imbued with the loving energies of Adironnda & the Council of Light and are hand-made in the U.S.A. They are beaded on elastic cords to make slipping them on and off easy.

This specific design has the properties of:
Czech Cut Rainbow Glass & “Celestial Crystal” Beads
Rainbows represent transformation: attainment, unification, harmony, and enlightenment.
A heart has been added to remind you of the love for yourself and the importance of staying in heart coherence

“Always remember that as you shift into living your true, loving self, others around you also shift.” ~Adironnda

*Bundles are available ONLY during the month of November 2023. For International shipping, the cost of delivery will be invoiced in advance and the item held for shipment until the invoice is paid.

Bracelet Length & Charm

Small without charm, Small with charm, Medium without charm, medium with charm


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