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Nurture November Bundle


For the third week of our early holiday special bundles, we present you with the Nurture November bundle. This bundle includes recordings and products that will help your light shine bright for the holidays. Learn more about the products below!


Harmony Channeled Music:

DOWNLOAD ONLY – This Channeled Music was originally recorded as a background for Messages from Your Soul recording.  In addition to helping Guided Writing flow, this music balances the listener and soothes chaotic energies. Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna form a mystical team of guidance and channeled music.

While this music balances the listener and soothes chaotic energies, it also provides an excellent background for guided or automatic writing. 

We have discovered that when played in a room or workplace it harmonizes the energy of the room.

Try this at your workplace, and see what happens.  People have noticed a difference in the energy of their co-workers when they played it in their own workplace.

Mood Sensitive Channeled Music:

DOWNLOAD ONLY – Enjoy a series of original channeled music selections created by Master musician Randy Luna.

This series of 6 tracks provide a wonderful background for any task.  Each of the tracks have been specifically selected to shift your mood, raise your vibration and help set you on your path each day.

Soul Sounds with Randy Luna:

DOWNLOAD ONLY – Musician and Reiki Master, Randy Luna, connected through his own Guidance to create custom music to assist you in experiencing a 52-week audio journey… which he channeled each week for a year. Upon purchase, you will receive all 52 tracks of channeled music in your customer portal and can replay them anytime. Many have told us how much they LOVE this powerful, expansive playlist. 

Experience a 52-week audio journey created by our own Master Musician, Randy Luna. His custom tracks are available as MP3 downloads. All 52 weeks will be sent immediately via email.

Each musical activation is about 3-6 minutes in length and covers a unique theme. Randy Luna is a Reiki Master, so each musical activation is encoded with the intention with which it was created for your Highest good.

Be the Love you Are Bracelet:

Wear a reminder of who you truly are expressed with love. Hand-stamped, cuff style, aluminum alloy metal bracelet featuring the meaningful quote: “BE THE LOVE YOU ARE” – ADIRONNDA

Set the daily intention to “Be the love you are.” One of the original quotes from Adironnda and the Council of Light.  Sometimes we need a reminder of our own love of self.  

This hand-crafted, aluminum alloy, cuff-style bracelet is deeply engraved with our favorite Adironnda quote, “Be the Love You Are.”

Bracelet length: 6 Inches, adjustable cuff

*Bundles are available ONLY during the month of November 2023. For International shipping, the cost of delivery will be invoiced in advance and the item held for shipment until the invoice is paid.


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