Personalized Guided Meditations


Your Personalized Guided Meditation, custom-created for your specific intention(s), will include 2 DOWNLOADABLE  tracks. The first track has your personally channeled meditation journey, utilizing your own intention to assist in anchoring in any creation you would like to see in your life.  The second track contains personalized Soul music that is created specifically to awaken and align you with your intention. See more details below.

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Give the gift of meditation… created (literally) with YOU in mind!

About Marilyn and Randy: This dynamic duo, Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna, form a mystical team of inter-dimensional travelers designed to assist in raising your vibrational frequency for the collective Highest Good of all.

Each Personalized Guided meditation has 2 complete tracks with your personal guided journey accelerating all of your intentions and activating your cellular being to create anything you choose.  

We recommend playing the Guided meditation daily for at least 21 days and any time you are guided after the first 21 days.

The Music created by Randy Luna is a one-of-a-kind soul-opening creation.  It carries an encodement with the notes Randy uses to activate your destiny and give it a little boost.  Please the music anytime you wish.

  • Track 1 – Custom original personally created meditation by Marilyn Harper
  • Track 2 – Original soul music on its own created by Randy Luna

Amplify Your Intention.

  • ‘Want to start a new business?
  • A new relationship?
  • Desiring better health?
  • Seeking greater abundance?

Tell us your greatest desire so we can anchor it into a daily meditation for you!

Ignite Immediate Change

Your first name, last name, and birthdate assist in Marilyn and Randy connecting with your OverSoul, calling in your guides to help raise your energy allowing an amazing meditation anchoring in your own focused intention. A powerful activation!

Leverage Our Mystical Team

Marilyn Harper and Branson, MO Composer Randy Luna utilize the same powerful process they’ve used in all of Adironnda’s meditation downloads. This is a rare opportunity to personally tap into their combined Spiritual wisdom!

Here’s What We’ll Need:

Your Full Name

Your first and last name is required to pull from your Akashic record, a necessary component of the channeling.

Your Birthdate

Like the first and last name of a person, your birthdate also provides an energetic imprint to bring you the best information to activate your intention. 

Your Personal Intention

What is it that you want to create in your life? It must be clearly stated. It could be to create a new business; a strong, healthy body; a beautiful, loving relationship; expanding an existing business (please provide the name of the business). The more specific, the better.

“(Composer) Randy and I put our heads together and decided to do something really, really special! We wanted to reward those people who are seriously focusing on creating their own dreams.” ~Marilyn Harper

“I get one every year.  When I was working, I would play it during my lunch hour, and it certainly helped me move through my day with ease and grace.  Now, I have re-passioned my life, and the meditation and the music still help me fulfill my own destiny.” ~Margaret, California

“The first time I listened to my guided and music meditation, I wept throughout.  I felt like the words and the music simply opened my soul to my own infinite possibilities.” ~Torrei, Norway

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