Personalized Soul Songs


You can have your very own Soul Song channeled by Master Randy Luna. His $177 custom MP3s are each a specially channeled, 3-6 minute download – attuned every chord and melody to YOUR spirit through magical sound healing. You can feel the musical notes overflowing with YOUR soul’s harmony and dreams! Master Randy’s Divine gift of musical channeling makes it the perfect gift to resonate with your or your Valentine’s energies. 

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Treat yourself or your loved one to Master Randy Luna’s magical custom Soul Songs – a specially channeled 3-6 minute MP3 download attuned to YOUR unique spirit for just $177. 

Master Randy Luna tunes into your energy field to channel and compose an all-new, one-of-a-kind Soul Song overflowing with YOUR distinctive soulful vibrations. You can feel every note and tempo crafted around YOUR dreams, strengths, and spirit!

Each custom Soul Song purchase includes:

  • Specially channeled 3-6 minute MP3 download 
  • Composition channeled and performed by Randy Luna
  • Your Soul Song is crafted around YOUR energy and essence
  • Musical sound healing resonating with your soul  

It’s ideal for yourself or a gift for your Valentine!

This is inner music made tangible – finally, a song for your soul, channeled through the Divine gift of Randy Luna! Order your custom Soul Song today!