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Pyramid Pendulum


This powerful, pyramid-shaped Pendulum contains the same ingredients as the handles do in the Selenite Swords of Light. It was created with a channeled combination of Chakra crystals, holy water, and so much more! It also includes a magnet to remove Negative energy or amplify positive energy.



This pyramid pendulum can be used as a simple pendulum in dowsing. However, it can also be used as a powerful healing device to remove negativity and amplify positivity in one’s life.

Inside the pendulum is:

  • Over 300 chakra-balancing crystals
  • Holy water from a European cathedral
  • Sacred waters from across the planet
  • Pineal Lemurian Tones artwork and symbols
  • Ascended Masters artwork and symbols
  • a small magnet

The base is a specially formulated Resin.