Rose Quartz Awareness Bracelet


Made of natural Rose Quartz and Crystal, our Awareness bracelets can be used to assist in shifting old habits.  Rose Quartz is also known as the “Love & Compassion Stone.”  It is used to activate romance, pure love, and self-care in your life. See below for more details.

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Our Awareness bracelets have quite a story behind them.  Each bracelet truly helps you become aware of your habits and patterns.  Your objective is to wear it on the same wrist for 21 days, therefore shifting any old habit you choose to shift.  Each time you catch yourself complaining, talking poorly about yourself or others, or putting yourself or other down, “Change Your Bracelet.” Each time you change your bracelet you start the 21 day count again.

Each style has a specific significance.  All bracelets are activated and imbued with the loving energies of Adironnda & the Council of Light.

Made of Rose Quartz and Crystal – 

This is also known as the “Love Stone.”  The Rose Quartz will bathe your body, mind and spirit in the enlightened frequency of Love and Compassion.

Choose from –

Small (7 1/4″ around)

Medium (8 1/4″ around)

Add an Adironnda charm – 

(Optional) Adironnda’s logo has significant meaning… it was actually channeled! There are 17 Rays – representing the 17th Dimension which is where Adironnda comes from. There’s a heart with smooth edges in the center, representing that love has no sharp edges. And, it’s reflective (purposely) to remind you that your world is a reflection of you.

“Always remember that as you shift into living your true, loving self, others around you also shift.” ~Adironnda


Small (7 1/4"), Medium (8 1/4")


Without Charm, With Adironnda Logo Charm (+$5.00)