Swim with the Wild Dolphins Bimini Retreat – 2025

This is one of Adironnda & Company’s signature retreats. Set in the beauty of Bimini, a tiny island in the Bahamas (located in the Bermuda Triangle). You will get to swim with the Wild Dolphins, snorkel the Road to Atlantis, enjoy delicious gourmet meals, lodging at the Sea Crest Hotel, and daily channeling with Adironnda and the Council of Light.

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Swim with the Wild Dolphins Bimini Retreat

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On Bimini, according to Edgar Cayce, there is actually a gateway opening to Atlantis, providing unique energy and connection to your past lifetimes in Atlantis. We connect readily with Lemuria in Hawaii, and now we can balance that energy with our Atlantean connection.

Dolphins,  sea turtles, whales, and elephants are the ancient record-keepers for the amazing planet Earth. So as we connect one-on-one with the dolphins and other sea creatures, we will receive the activations for our soul to help in our forward motion.

The amazing energy of Bimini is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Each day we spend 4-5 hours on the boat calling in the Dolphins to join our play. Each morning and evening, we have free time, channeling time, and exploration time for the 7-mile-long island.  For questions, please contact info@adironnda.com or visit the Bimini page on our website.