Channelers Academy


Or, choose to pay in 10 monthly installments.

The Channelers Academy is a 12-Module Course to open the channel with you to further your experience and the connection you have with your own guidance system.  Each module can be taken at your own pace.  Each month there are 2 sets of “Office Hours” LIVE online with Marilyn Harper, an internationally-known Channel and Teacher, to answer any questions that may arise. You’ll also receive loving messages and activations from Adironnda & The Council of Light. See more below.

Here’s what’s included in The Channelers Academy program:

  • 12 online, interactive, group masterclasses with Marilyn Harper
  • Twice monthly LIVE 2-hour “office hours” with Marilyn online to get your questions answered
  • Practice Partners to interact with the exercises and check in to see how you are doing.
  • Private Facebook group for The Channelers Academy students (ongoing)
  • Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Channeler’s Mastery Retreat 
  • One year membership to The Double Digits Monthly Webcast with Q&A and Activations
  • All downloadable recordings that will benefit you as a “Divine Link”
  • 1-2 Private sessions with Marilyn and Adironnda & the Council of Light
  • Attend any How To Channel Even If (You Think) You Can’t Live Workshop for FREE

This Masterclass is designed for those who had a strong desire to become a professional channel or anyone who wishes to deepen their own experience with Guides and Angels.  The techniques learned can also be used in your private healing practice, a public speaking career, or many more opportunities.

One of the benefits of learning to channel is living at the highest vibration possible. When things happen, you are triggered, or contrast shows up in your world… You will have the conscious tools to ride through them with love, laughter, and bliss.