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Greetings, dear souls! Today, let’s get into the healing magic of Selenite properties — Selenite is a mystical crystal that holds the key to unlocking profound transformation and spiritual growth. Selenite properties are as diverse and captivating as the crystal itself, and in this blog post, we’ll explore the magic that lies within.

Is Selenite a Rare Crystal?

While Selenite property’s popularity has soared in recent years, it remains a gem with special significance. Its rarity lies not in scarcity but in the unique combination of properties it possesses. One of the most profound Selenite properties is its ability to remain neutral, clear blockages, and amplify positive energy. This distinguishes it as a precious and sought-after crystal on the spiritual journey.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Selenite properties stand out as some of the most powerful healing tools amongst the spiritually inclined.

Some selenite properties include: promoting peace, mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being. The metaphysical properties of Selenite extend beyond the ordinary, making it a versatile and transformative crystal.

How Many Types of Selenite Are There?

Selenite is a crystal composed of hydroscalcite sulfate, however, Selenite manifests in various forms, each radiating its unique energy. From traditional white and clear Selenite to vibrant hues of yellow and green, this crystal adapts to a spectrum of energies. The diverse types of Selenite provide practitioners with an array of options to align with their specific intentions and needs.

This fascinating stone comes in a kaleidoscope of colors, including white, clear, colorless, yellow, green, pale pink, and rose. 

selenite properties

How Old is Selenite Crystal?

The ageless essence of Selenite transcends time and space. Dating back to ancient times, Selenite has been revered for its mystical properties. However, its true significance may go beyond our comprehension, as some believe it to be a stone from the future, returning to Earth to assist humanity in its evolution.

Selenite Swords of Light are what happens when Divine energy meets earthly intentions. These exquisite instruments hold the key to a profound light body activation. Each sword is a unique amalgamation of chakra-balancing crystals, and sacred waters from across the globe.

Activating the Light Body

The Selenite Swords of Light respond to the intentions of both the user and the receiver, creating a harmonious dance of energies.

The stories of Selenite properties and healing prowess are as diverse as the crystal itself. From fixing grandfather clocks to aiding in the relief of physical pain, the Selenite Swords of Light have woven tales of miracles and transformation. Consider the tale of my mother’s diverticulosis, where the crystal, guided by intention, played a role in her remarkable recovery.

Selenite properties extend far beyond the visible spectrum. They reach into the realms of the Divine, offering a bridge between earthly energies and celestial wisdom. As you embark on your spiritual journey, consider the profound possibilities that Selenite holds. 

May the light of Selenite guide you on your path.

Namaste Y’all

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