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Welcome to this sacred space where we break down the mysteries of the spiritual journey. Today, we explore the signs of spiritual awakening and how they may show up in your life.

How do I Know if I’m Having a Spiritual Awakening?

Do you feel a stirring in your soul? Signs of spiritual awakening are like gentle nudges from the universe, urging us to awaken to our true essence. If you find yourself feeling disconnected from the world around you, yearning for solitude, or craving change in your life, these could be the telltale signs of a spiritual awakening taking place within you.

During such times, you might feel drawn to retreat into silence, seeking solace in the quiet moments of your daily existence. The longing for change may manifest in various ways, from a desire to relocate to a new environment to contemplating significant shifts in your relationships or appearance. 

Embrace these urges, for they are the whispers of your soul guiding you towards alignment with your true self.

What are the Signs of a Spiritual Awakening?

Have you ever experienced deja vu, that inexplicable sensation of familiarity in unfamiliar places or situations? Take that as a reminder from the universe that time is an illusion, more fluid than linear.

Have you been having increasingly vivid dreams? Lucid dreaming can be a profound sign of spiritual awakening. And when life throws curveballs your way—be it the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or a brush with mortality—know that these are not mere coincidences but catalysts for transformation.

If you feel that you are sometimes out of your body and being guided by a higher power, you may be channeling without realizing it. Embrace this Divine gift and, if possible and desired, develop those gifts into something that can be used to spread light to humanity. 

How Do You Recognize a Spiritual Person?

A spiritual person walks the earth with an aura of peace and a heart brimming with love. Their intuition guides their every step with unwavering precision. 

Have you ever found yourself inexplicably knowing things before they happen? Perhaps you sense a friend’s distress before they utter a word or find yourself drawn to certain places without understanding why.

These are the subtle whispers of intuition, the hallmark of a soul attuned to the rhythms of the universe. 

As you navigate through the peaks and valleys of existence, know that you are never alone.

Namaste Y’all

Marilyn ✨

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  1. God bless you, dear Marilyn. I will be paying more attention to the unusual events you are describing. I have been explaining them to myself, that they are signs of post-menopause or just getting old. However, now that you are deciphering them in detail, I can see more clearly what the events are all about, and what they mean in spiritual awakening.
    Thank you, for sharing your joyful energy.

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