What is Spiritual Happy Hour? 

Could you increase the amount of spiritual joy in your life?

Would your week benefit from an infusion of higher-level happiness on Sunday before you dive into Monday?

Learn more about how we fill up your spiritual cup during Spiritual Happy Hour!

See what others are saying:

"What a beautiful experience! Loved, loved, loved it!"
~ Karen, Canada

"Thank you for providing an opportunity and knowledge to connect to source energy."
~ Sherri, Idaho

"So helpful on my journey... We are all so powerful and so very different."
~ Margarita, Mexico

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Meet Marilyn and Joeaux

She’s been called the “Midwestern Spiritual Sparkplug…” and the Bette Midler of the Mystical movement.  Marilyn is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, Spiritual teacher and channel of Adironnda & Company, who affectionately refers to her as "the Vessel". 

Marilyn Harper, Adironnda & Company

Joeaux (or "The Joy") encountered "The Vessel" after a major Spiritual transformation that had her walking away from her Corporate career. Now, she applies those business and technical skills to Adironnda's mission, and assisting other Spiritual businesses. 

Joeaux Robey, Adironnda & Company

Who is Adironnda & the Council of Light?

Adironnda is a spokes-being from the 17th Dimension, channeled through Marilyn. “They, Adironnda & the Council of Light, represent a council of guides, angels, Master Teachers from Earth no longer in physical form” and deliver messages to help awaken the people of this planet. They are loving and funny and gently assist in the healing of the heart, the past and activate whatever is in your highest good to be activated for the betterment of humanity.