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Buckle up, buttercups. We are going to get deep into emotional and spiritual healing today. Many folks have been asking me about healing, so I am going to break down what emotional and spiritual healing means, the 5 stages of healing, and the art of surrender.

What is Spiritual and Emotional Healing?

Emotional and spiritual healing is a crucial aspect of one’s overall well-being. It involves addressing the emotional and spiritual wounds that one may have accumulated over time and finding ways to heal and move forward in a positive direction. 

Emotional healing refers to the process of acknowledging and addressing past emotional pain, trauma, or negative experiences that continue to affect one’s present life. Spiritual healing, on the other hand, involves finding meaning and purpose in life, connecting with a higher power or source of energy, and exploring one’s inner self to achieve inner peace and balance.

Connecting with your Spirit Guides can be a powerful source of support when it comes to emotional and spiritual healing. These guides are believed to be benevolent beings who are connected to us on a spiritual level and who are always available to provide assistance and direction when we need it. By tapping into this higher power, we can access a greater sense of inner peace, clarity, and wisdom that can help us heal and grow.

emotional and spiritual healing

What Does Emotional Healing Mean?

Emotional healing is about recognizing and accepting your emotions, understanding the root cause of emotional pain, and finding ways to release negative emotions. It’s simple to say but trust me, it takes work to get through.

It involves working through the different stages of grief – such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. By acknowledging and accepting those pesky emotions, you can begin to find ways to cope and move forward in a positive way.

One way that our trusted spirit guides can assist with emotional healing is by providing us with insights and guidance that help us understand the root cause of our emotional pain. By connecting with our guides through meditation or other spiritual practices, we can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues that may be causing us distress. With this knowledge, we can begin to work through these issues in a more constructive and healing way.

emotional and spiritual healing

What Are the Stages of Healing?

The 5 stages of healing are important to understand in the emotional and spiritual healing process. It’s important to note that these stages are not linear, and individuals may move back and forth between them at different times.

  1. Surrendering to Suffering. Emotional suffering comes from the denial of painful emotions. Trauma happened, there’s no point in denying it. By surrendering to the reality of your situation, instead of thrashing against it with all of your might, you may feel a surge of release. This is the art of surrender.
  2. Awareness Leading to Tolerance. When you raise your awareness, and see the situation from a higher-up perspective, you may see things you didn’t before. Accepting the reality of the situation, instead of how you perceived it initially, may be the key to moving on.
  3. Acceptance of the Feelings. Give yourself permission to feel the way you feel, whatever that means for you. Your feelings are VALID.
  4. The Issue isn’t the Issue. Whatever is triggering you may not be what is actually triggering you. It may just be causing a response from a past wound that hasn’t been healed. Those emotions are in there, look past the issue and get to the root cause.
  5. Confrontation of Emotional Blockage. Confront and express those feelings in a safe way. Set the intention to express your emotions. Trust yourself and move through your healing process gently.
  6. Be Present with Your Emotions. Sit with your emotions and get to know them, this is how you identify where you can grow.

By working through these stages and steps, we can find freedom in healing and achieve a greater sense of emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Spiritual and emotional healing doesn’t have to be done alone. We welcome you to our community with love and light.

Namaste Y’all


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  1. As usual so well expressed, so approachable and so filled with love.
    My beloved teachers in spirit always taught me to trust, surrender and lean into the love shared. This has never let me down for in the purity and love shared, everything seems possible.
    Love and blessings

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