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While I do refer to myself as a Channel, Adironnda has only ever referred to me as “the Vessel” or the “Divine Link”. Many people have asked me what this is like, and I love to share my experience with Adironnda, Double Digit Activations, and the method of healing I developed called Holographic Healing.

What is Adironnda Like?

Adironnda is very loving, in fact, they came here with the intention to shift the consciousness of the planet from fear to love. They believe that each person should live a life filled with peace, love, and joy. Each person deserves to heal from past trauma and live in their full, unadulterated authenticity. 

One fun fact about Adironnda: they love modes of transportation. Whether I am in a car, bus, plane, or train – I can feel Adironnda’s consciousness merge with mine so that they can experience things with me. 

Becoming the Divine Link for Adironnda and the Council of Light has led my life in a direction that I would never have imagined. Now that I have been living this experience for so many years, I have gained knowledge on so many other aspects of healing and insight that I can share with the world during these ascension times. 

Adironnda Double Digit

One thing that I learned from Adironnda is how numbers can give you insight into your future, and how numerology can help you prepare for what to expect. 

Numbers have patterns, and patterns can be predicted. In most cases, these predictions can be quite accurate and the only things you need are some numbers!

During the Double Digit Activations, we dive deeper into how to use numerology to gain insight into your future!

If you want to learn more about how to decode the messages that the universe is sending you, check out the Double Digitology book! 

Holographic Healing

When I became the Divine Link for Adironnda and the Council of Light, I truly unlocked wisdom beyond the veil that enabled me to realize the mode of healing that was at my very own fingertips. 

Holographic Healing is the process of exercising and developing your own innate ability to see, sense, feel, hear, and know what is inside your emotional, physical, and mental body (or that of others), in the process of facilitating healing.

Not only can you learn how to practice Holographic Healing yourself, but you can also become certified to practice on others. All of us together, along with Adironnda and the Council of Light, have the power to help shift this world into a consciousness of love, one person at a time!

Namaste Y’all!


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  1. Marilyn, that is so spot on. i am a trance channeller too, have been for about 50 or more years and this is how I describe it too. There is one thing you did not mention and i know it’s present with you as the first time i saw you channel Anderonda the tears fell freely as i felt his familiar and dear energy. When. I channel the strongest feeling for me is being wrapped in love. That love is not like earth love, it’s much stronger and so deep it becomes me. i see this a true gift for then i can share that love with others. Public channelling though i think brings that love forward for the collective which is a beautiful gift offered where it is needed. I e you do this and thankyou for humanity needs this so much now. I think through us, that love remains and our presence allows us to offer that love which an important aspect of that sharing. Xx

  2. Thank you for sharing that information – I was always curious too! And I think the tidbit at the end about asking was super important! What a lovely experience you get to have with Adironda and Team!
    Much love and many Blessings to you and the whole Team!

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